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Purple Oaks Academy

EXPLORING our WORLD (Humanities & Employability)


Curriculum Vision 

Humanities – At Purple Oaks Academy, our Humanities curriculum encompasses skills and knowledge across History, Geography and RE. Our aim is that all students leave Purple Oaks Academy with an understanding of the world around them and their place within it. For our learners following Adventurers and Voyagers Quests, this may mean exploring key themes across the subjects such as delving into the details of key historic events, building up new skills linked to Geography and understanding the different religions around the world. For those on our Explorers Quests, this will involve understanding where they live, their personal histories and key information about themselves. 

Employability – Throughout a student’s time at Purple Oak Academy, we are focused on helping them progress to an independent adulthood and our Employability curriculum is designed to support this. For those it is applicable to, our Employability curriculum aims to give them key skills to access college and the world of work exploring the necessary skills as well as how to reach their aspirations. For others, our Employability curriculum aims to prepare them for the world and ensure that they are able to live safely and independently by promoting our key drivers: emotional regulation, communication and independence.